Thursday, August 28, 2008

All that glitters

So I just peeked at my Zebras and Mezuzahs post...and I got chills looking at my photos of the mezuzot that we hung up. Look at that second picture. Remember I was talking about the "atmosphere" of the door being indescribable...well, that picture describes it perfectly! See that blurry light at the top right of the picture...don't worry, I don't think it is the face of G-d or Moses or the great Rabbi from beyond or anything...but see how it sort of makes the picture seem dreamy and hazy and cozy and calm? Well, that's how I felt after I hung it up. Perhaps it is recognizing a familiar symbol and understanding all that it represents...or knowing that just by this simple act I am saying "I'm Jewish. I want you to know it, too." I don't know. But I love it.

And then that fourth picture...I love how the porch light is caught glittering in the background of the mezuzah. It's lovely! And so telling! As if to say, "Hang up your mezuzah, live a Jewish life, live in a Jewish home and what lies beyond your doors will glitter and sparkle!".

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