Monday, August 18, 2008

The bad thing about breaking bad habits

The bad thing about breaking bad habits is that you whatever habit you set out to break is because you KNOW better. You know you will be better off, happier, lighter, without [insert bad habit here]. But for some reason the connection between your brain and the rest of you doesn't happen. Amazingly frustrating.

The bad habit I'm trying to kick currently is snapping. I'm Jen and I'm a snapper. Which usually leads to some sort of raised voice or yelling...which usually leads to some other ugliness. And I'm over it. And my husband is over it. And Ethan is probably over it too (though, Adam bears the brunt of my snappiness, unfortunately - or fortunately, depending how you shake it).

I KNOW that my first reaction is almost always an over-reaction or at the least, not the reaction suitable for the type of conclusion I usually draw once I've sat on something for a bit. So if I know this about myself, why won't I just keep my mouth shut for a while and give myself the freedom to toss around whatever thoughts are in my tightly wound little head? This is my work for the week.


Lisa said...

Hmmm...I'm a "snapper" too but so glad that you've snapped at me! (Or if you have, I've long since forgotten!) Thanks for inspiring me to be a better person with your blog! Love you!

Lisa said...

Okay, I mean to say you've NEVER snapped at me...hmmm...was that a Freudian slip? Just kidding!