Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1 of Eli and Mommy's Big Adventure

Double ear infection=grounded baby (as in grounded from flying) - Ear infection was the final word from the good doctor yesterday and there is no way I am taking a baby with an ear infection on a plane.

I had a heavy heart driving Ethan and Adam to the airport this morning. I know the Ethan was over the moon about having Bubbie all to himself and Adam really needs some time away from work so I was happy for them in that regard. But, I haven't been away from Ethan in a long while...I think maybe the last time was in October? He's my little sidekick, he keeps me company during the long afternoon hours in between naptime and dinner/bed time, he laughs at Eli's antics with me, helps me do little thing around the house, constantly provides some chatter, is always available for a big hug and smooch. Adam and I had been looking forward to some alone time also and so I'm bummed that we're missing out on that. I cried when I hugged the big boys goodbye. Ethan looked so grown up in his little collared shirt and pulling his little suitcase. Adam reported that he was a dream on the plane. I came home to a bunch of action figures scattered on the kitchen floor and felt so sad! I know I'll see him in a few days but the house is just so empty without that little guy! I feel like half of me is missing.

Eli and I took off to Ikea after the airport. He was a bit fussy from his little ears so we mostly sat in the cafeteria and snuggled while I ate my lunch with one hand. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with Eli that wasn't rushed by the constraints of the rest of my schedule...didn't have to rush off to get back to the house for a nap, or to get in the carpool line, or get dinner cooked and on the table...today was definitely relaxing, especially the two-hour nap that Eli took on my chest while I watched tv on the couch. I never get to do that sort of thing usually! It was such a treat for me. I just smelled him and rubbed his back and kissed his cheeks and looked at his little, red lips. Such a sweet little meatball! I think I'm in love!

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