Tuesday, August 5, 2008

If only...

...I could keep up with writing my blog the way I keep up with reading other people's blogs...it is a sickness, I tell you!

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to New England for the past three weeks. I took both boys on the plane solo (impressive, no?). The trip up was a little rough...Ethan was a prince but Eli, unbeknownst to me, had the beginnings of a double ear infection was was much more than a weary traveler...So lucky me got to check out the local ER! But 48 hours later and more than a few doses of Amoxicillin, he was back in action...though his sleep pattern was altered for the rest of the trip. Not good. I think I may never catch up on all the sleep I lost!

We played on the beach, ate tons of seafood (had lobster and steamers THREE times!!!), hit the Boston Children's Museum, and lots of other fun stuff. The highlight was perhaps our trip to Storyland (though it was a bit soggy due to the downpours...but we were undaunted and slapped on our rain gear and plodded through the park happily). Storyland is the home of some of my happiest childhood memories. My grandparents took my mother and two aunts there, then me and my cousin, Michael, and now I am taking my boys. We went, religiously, every summer (taking breaks when both me and Michael were too old, of course). Even as a thirty-year-old, I still get goose bumps and get jumpy in my seat when we enter the town of North Conway. I know that we are getting close! I love to see all the sites that are EXACTLY the way I remember them from twenty years ago. Storyland has improved yet still has managed to maintain its historical integrity and I LOVE that about that place. I will edit later and add photos so you can see what fun we had.

Michael was with us and I think the two of us maybe had the most fun of all. We left the kids with my mom and Susan and ran off on more than a few occasions to go on the water ride, the flume ride and whatever else we happened to see that reminded us of fun times. Adam also came with us so it was so special for me to finally show him this crazy place I'd been talking about for years.

Being able to take my boys to a place that I loved as a young girl is indescribable. I loved being able to see Ethan's reactions to things, see him riding on the very same rides that I used to have so much fun on. This tradition is so rich in my memory and I feel so lucky to offer Ethan and Eli the same sweet memories for themselves. Perhaps they will even take their kids there. Grandpa is still able to tear all around the place...taking pictures and videos the same way he always did!

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