Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is he reading my mind?

I've started to touch a bit upon my quest for a deeper faith. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about G-d, talking to G-d, asking Him to talk to me...a LOT of time. Wondering how I can incorporate Him into my life a bit better.

Well, tonight, it seems that Ethan may have G-d on his mind too.

We had the following conversation:

There was a pretty sunset tonight as Adam, Ethan and I ate dinner outside (Eli was soundly sleeping in his little crib). I didn't say anything about the sunset, but thought to myself that it was nice...not spectacular, but really, really nice.

Ethan pipes up and and says, "I'm thinking about that."

Me: "Thinking about what?"

Ethan: "That." Points in the direction of the sunset.

Me: "What are you thinking about that?"

Ethan: "That it is so nice. And so so pretty."

Me: "Wow, Ethan. You're right! It is great that you noticed!"

Ethan: "Wasn't that nice of me to say? Won't G-d be happy? Didn't that make his heart happy that I said how pretty the sunset is?"

Me: "Well, it WILL make him happy." Did someone tell you that G-d made the sunset?"

Ethan: "No. No one told me that. But G-d does make the sunset. And it is pretty and so nice."

How do you like that?

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