Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not me Monday (Tuesday)

I guess no amount of Adderall can help me with my chronically late issues...but I digress (which would be wierd for someone with ADD to do...). Anyhow, I have been meaning to do this and am now finally getting around to it.

One of the blogs I read regularly, MckMama's blog, has this fun little thing going on called "Not Me Monday", where you spend the post saying things you didn't do, but actually did do. Now, it doesn't sound like that much fun, but I promise, once you get reading, it is! Anyhow, even though it is Tuesday...and almost midnight, so nearing Wednesday, here's my attempt at Not Me Monday.

Here goes...

I most definitely did not put Eli down for a nap yesterday and then promptly bribe Ethan with watching a kids' show that is off-limits in our house so I could take a nap. And then I absolutely did not put on a second forbidden show so I could nap longer. Heck, no. I would never even think to do something like that. Not me.

I did not plop Eli down on the floor and have him hold his own bottle today so that I could put on clean clothes before I picked Ethan up from school. What kind of mother would I be if I did something like that?

I didn't smell a pair of Ethan's socks today to determine if they were clean or dirty. How gross would that be?

I wasn't secretly glad that Adam had to work late because it allowed me to get out of cooking a meal, setting the table and then cleaning up afterward. And I didn't let Ethan watch Curious George while he sat and ate his dinner at his little kids' table. No sir, not me.

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