Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some days are better than others

They surely are. Today, not better than most, but I suppose better than some. Started off with Ethan throwing a HUGE tantrum. Which he always seems to do on days when I need the morning to go smoothly. I was on schedule, down to the half second, when disaster struck, throwing me a full 23 minutes off schedule and I think that Adam might've even promised Ethan that he would spend the night in his room with him (you know, since the first time he did that it was so successful...more on that later, but let me assure that if my sarcasm didn't shine through, it was NOT successful). I was meeting a woman from my MOMS Club at the bank this morning since I am relinquishing my president role at that end of the month and she is taking over as treasurer. I did my due diligence to ensure that I scheduled the correct parties to be at the bank, and wouldn't you know it, but the facts I was given were not indeed factual. Chaos ensued at the two (unhappy and very cranky and wiggly, I might add) children, combined with her little one did not make for a pleasant visit for anyone, but I do think that the waterfall of meltdowns (not to mention the stench of Eli's nasty diaper that needed to be changed) helped to persuade the bank manager to be flexible with their policy. Especially when we told her that if we had to return to the branch, we would have to bring MORE children. She looked truly terrified.

After almost 90 minutes (yes, NINETY) at the bank, we still didn't have quite what we needed but it was easily solved and the least of my worries. It did require running to a friend's house and then running back to the bank (this time, since I had to run in and out, I did the unthinkable and locked the kids in the car and ran in quickly, ensuring I stood near the window where I could see the car perfectly). Luckily, the spot by the door was open and I was able to park there, otherwise I would've had to torture myself (not to mention those around me) with wrangling the kids into the bank again. And seeing as how it went smoothly earlier in the day, they would've been excited to do that a second time. And to be honest, I think sitting in the police station persuading a police officer to give me my children back would've been preferable to dragging both of them, in the rain, back to that G-d forsaken bank. Not to mention, it would also be free babysitting.

Did I mention it was cold and rainy (which I didn't expect this morning..the seconds that it would've taken me to check the weather were not accounted for in my early morning schedule) so both boys were dressed in shorts and tee shirts shivering in the car on the way to the bank and I felt so badly that I stopped to buy them both sweatshirts? Oh? I didn't mention that? At least I gave Eli a fresh waffle for breakfast. Last week, Eli's breakfast consisted of some old, hard pieces of waffle that he discovered in the crevice of his car seat. I looked back in the rearview mirror and saw him happily munching and crunching away and it took me a few minutes to realize that I never handed him his usual morning waffle...but I was so glad that he was eating something for breakfast, I didn't stress too much over the details of how he got his hands on said breakfast. I did, however, take my car to the car wash to use the free vacuums (which sucked up a bib that was on the floor and then stopped working) the following weekend.

So I mentioned the cold and rainy weather. Did I mention that we are going to a birthday party in it this afternoon? An outside birthday party? Where I will be sitting in an hours' worth of traffic on the way home? Good thing I love my friends and their kids! I'm predicting that dinner will be picked up at the drive thru and eaten in the car on the way home. While watching a dvd. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's how it is going to go.

Now, I am taking my life in my hands to wake up Eli Peli to get ready to go to the party (that is after I find old shoes for Ethan that can muddy and some old rain boots that Eli can wear). Wish me luck. I need it. I also need a few Advil. And a few margaritas.

One of these days I will write a post that highlights the positive aspects of my parenting abilities. Today is not the day for such a post.

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