Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My littlest duckling

(The little duck family that used to hang out in our backyard)

Judging by the last few posts of mine, it appears I have a favorite son. I assure you, I do not. It's just that the last month has been an important one for Ethan (and for me, I suppose). Graduation from Pre-K, fifth birthday, our special trip. These our big things, people. But little Eli, whose main objectives in life are to be just like Ethan and to drink as much milk as humanly possibly, is lighting up our life as much as ever.

What's he up to? Oh, this and that. Trying to cover the floor in feed himself applesauce, banging Lego pieces together putting together Lego guys like his big brother, snuggling with Mommy whatever adult conveniently happens to be in the room, climbing the stairs when I'm not paying attention he isn't supposed to be, pretending to do jumping...all the normal little 16-month-old little brother stuff I suppose.

His favorites:

Drink: milk (far and away from anything else - this kid will do anything for a sippy cup of milk)

Books: Goodnight Moon (just tonight when we turned the page to the cow, he said "Mmmu", which I think means "moo".
Hush Little Baby (a gift last summer from my dear friend is a sweet little book!)
It's Time To Go To Sleep My Love (gorgeous illustrations and I think Eli likes the repetitive nature of the writing)

Food: Today, Applesauce and dried blueberries. Tomorrow, who knows? He sometimes likes yogurt, macaroni and cheese,
strawberries and these weird Metamucil cookies. He often likes black beans, rice cakes, Goldfish, puffs and scrambled
eggs. He definitely does not like red meat, cheese or lemonade (though he ate a bunch of lemon rind at Kroger on
Friday when I let him hold a lemon).

Activities: Pretending to be a big boy with Ethan which is done by digging through the Lego boxes and sitting as close to Ethan
as possible. Napping. Running around the house with an object in each hand (it is
preferable to have the objects in each hand be identical...two balls, two spoons, two Lego Darth Vader guys, two
crayons, etc.). Shamelessly snuggling, flirting and generally acting cute.

Words he says:

"Ba-ba" (Bye-bye)
"Ma-ma" (Mama)
"Wuh!!" (Answer to the question "What does a doggy say?")
"Maw!" (Answer to the question "What does a cat say?")
"Mmmu!" (Answer to the question "What does a cow say?")
"Cracka" (Cracker)
"Ow Ga" (All gone)
"Atta" (Ethan)
"Odda" (All done)

Yesterday, Eli was pushing my laundry cart around and I could see just the tippy top of his little red head poking up from behind the cart. It was my favorite part of his little head of hair, the floppy part of his hair that reminds me of a fuzzy ducklings feathers flopping around. It was a sweet moment and I breathed it in. I snapped out of my reverie in a panic as I thought, "Hey, Eli! Not you, too! It was just your brother who was supposed to be getting big and slipping away from me. What the heck are you doing growing so tall that I can see your head poking out above the laundry cart!?" I mean, this just isn't fair.

So not only am I moping around here lamenting the numbered days of Ethan's childhood, but now I'm moping around lamenting the numbered days of Eli's babyhood. How much longer is little Eli going to let me snuggle him? And how much longer will he wrap himself around me like a little koala with his arms tightly squeezing my neck and his pudgy legs squeezing my waist? Will I just look away for a quick minute and then realize I'm sitting at his college graduation? Or will I manage to savor each and every wet kiss, each and every squeal, each funny antic (What antics, you ask? See the photo below of Eli eating like a dog). Will I be ready to have my ducks out of the nest and enjoy such luxuries like taking a shower with no one in the room or will I tear up every morning realizing that my sweet, little Eli is not sitting on the ledge of the shower door, eating Cheerios out of his snack cup, waiting for me to get out?

Look at how quickly my duck is growing:

Last June:

This June:

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