Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not a baby anymore

Not long after I wrote this post, I began to see some strange sort of phenomen exhibited by little Eli. You see, Eli is supposed to remain the baby, yet has been demonstrating certain behaviors usually reserved for big kids, certainly not babies.

For example, rather than being carried across the parking lot and into a store, restaurant, etc., he much prefers holding my hand and walking.

He also runs. Without falling. (Most of the time.) And he jumps.

He can throw things away for me.

He can respond to familiar questions by shaking his head yes or no and will say the appropriate "Mm-hm" or "Mm-mm" to go along with his response. It really is quite cute.

He even has been known to throw a tantrum or two. (His tantrums, I'll admit, are pretty mild...they usually involved stomping backwards repeatedly until falling or crashing into something.)

He can climb up the stairs, opens his mouth to let me brush his teeth, tries to brush his (red) hair and can feed himself yogurt (how much of that yogurt he actually eats has not yet been determined).

He walks up to the refrigerator and says "Guh! Guh!" when he would like a cup of milk.

He says "please". Sort of.

He likes to wear his little yellow back pack as walks (and is certainly not carried) into "sool" (Eli language for "school"). He also tries to do anything that his big brother is doing. Currently both boys appear to be attempting to master the fine art of snapping. Eli demonstrates his snapping skills by lightly - ever so lightly - tapping his thumb and forefinger together. Ethan demonstrates his ability by putting his hands right up by my ear asking if I "can hear this snap?" many, many times each day. Admittedly, Ethan is dramatically improving his snapping capabilities each day, which I attribute to marathon snapping practice sessions which take place at all hours of the day and night.

Eli dances, pulls his shirt down over his belly when it starts to ride up and kisses and snuggles his baby, aptly named "Bubba".

These things certainly do not sound like the normal behavior patterns of a baby to me but more along the lines of a dare-I-say, BIG boy.

Drat! And I really thought this one was going to stay a baby for me forever. Time is flying by me my friends. I'm used to it with Ethan, but with Eli, all I can think is, "Not you, too!".

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