Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tales of Tuesday Afternoon

...it was a quiet afternoon today.
After spending the morning at my synagogue 
helping out with preparations for the upcoming holidays,
I picked Ethan up from school.
And picked the dry cleaning up from the dry cleaner.
Ethan got a lollipop (and one for his brother).

We went home and did homework. 
In fact, Ethan did his entire week's worth of homework.
Just because he wanted to.
And then asked for more.
(He is definitely his mother's son)

I made bran muffins.
And then the boys rode their bikes in the driveway.
And scampered off to the swing set.
Eli asked me if I would make him "fly faster"
and Ethan loved that his feet went over my head
if I stood in front of him.  
Before we headed inside, 
we picked the last of the vegetable garden.

For dinner, we had a picnic.  And breakfast.
The bran muffins inspired me (and were really, really good)
You must try the mix from Trader Joe's, it's excellent.

When I tucked Ethan in, we took turns scratching backs.
He told me about "the mean boy" in his class.
He also told me all about the boy who threw up today.

I can't wait until tomorrow so Ethan can regale me with more tales from first grade.
And Eli can ask me to make him fly faster.


cheryl said...

Just curious - did the muffins have eggs?

Debra said...

Enjoy your blogs. Had read "In the Red" on DEEP SOUTH MOMS BLOG in 09/2009 and wondered if I could post it with your permission as a "Guest Article" on my ramily-friendly website www.raising-redheads.com ?? -- you can correspond with me vi my "Contact Me" page on my site -- would love to hear from you...thanks! Deb