Monday, May 16, 2011

On Saturday night, I was listening to the noises coming out of the shower. Adam had Ethan, Eli and his iPhone in there with him and all three of them were singing Usher at the top of their lungs. This joyous sound made me smile and reminded me that I'm never sure what kind of craziness I'm going run into each day, but let me assure you, where this is a Slipakoff boy, there is something silly happening.

For instance, Thursday night I went to check on Ethan before I went to sleep and he was snuggled under his covers cuddled up with the cup of caterpillar larvae meant for his butterfly garden.

The next morning Eli said to me as we were getting ready to head out the door, "Are you ready old lady?". Lucky for Eli, I was still swooning over the fact that he calls plums, "plumPs", so I barely raised an eyebrow at being referred to as "old lady", though I am desperately hoping that this doesn't become a habit.

And on the way to school, Ethan heard a commercial about Botox and asked me what it was. When I explained that people inject something into their wrinkles to make their face smooth, his eyes got wide and he was quiet for a minute. After a silent moment, he piped up from the backseat, "Oooooooh! It's just like the magic flower in Tangled except without needles!". Leave it to Ethan to decipher the social commentary behind Disney movies.

Like I said, I never know what I'm going to get.

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