Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our summer adventure has come and gone
and our "fall" schedule is in full swing.
(Not sure I will ever get used to our "fall"
starting in August
down here in the South.)

Ethan started at a new school this year
and it's a bit of a drive for us
(his old school was less than a mile from our house)
so we leave pretty early in the morning.
After leaving the house before 7 a.m. 
every day for the past two weeks,
I have made a startling discovery.
I like mornings.
I repeat: I like mornings.
Coming from me, this is practically earth shattering news.
Historically, I have been a night owl
but there is something about the morning that I am growing to love...
The dew, the cool, foggy air, the pre-stirring quiet...
Being out and about before everyone else
makes me feel like I have a sweet little secret.

As much as my mind loves mornings now,
my body hasn't quite caught up
so there's still a bit of a mad rush to get out of the house on time
since I hit the snooze button four times.

To stave off craziness in the pre-dawn hours,
I prepare as much as possible the night before.
I pack the boys lunches/snacks, 
I put their bags on their hooks by the door,
I pack up breakfast so they can eat it 
during the 20 minute car ride.
I even put two teaspoons of sugar in my travel coffee mug
and put it under my coffeemaker.

I have to admit, gathering up the boys' things
to prepare them for their day is one of my favorite parts
of being a mom.
I love making sure they have what they need,
love seeing their treats packed neatly in their lunch boxes,
thinking of them thinking of me at snack time
while they munch on their animal crackers.

It kind of makes me wish I had a lunchbox of my own!

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