Thursday, February 28, 2013

A quick update...

After talking with Eli's school counselor (and with Eli), it seems that my little red head may have embellished the story of the kids making fun of him. When he wore his hair to school, no one made fun of him...which is such a huge relief. I know a few of the kids asked questions (which we encourage) but there wasn't any teasing. After talking with his counselor, I think that he used his story as a way to express his anxiety over the new steps he is taking with his school wardrobe choices (and I'm sure it garnered the sympathetic response he felt he needed). While lying is never okay, I do understand that he is still so little and has trouble articulating his emotions in the right way so I don't want to ignore the message that he was trying to get across (even if he went about it in the wrong way).

Sigh....this little guy always keeps me on my toes.

So in addition to covering gender issues with him, we will also be covering "Why we do not lie". And instead of reading the story about the onion, tonight we are reading a book called, "Eli's Lie-o-meter".

Thanks so much for the show of support I have received while going on this journey. I have been pushed forward by your kind words!

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