Friday, June 3, 2011

Last week, I did a quick hike up to the top of Kennesaw Mountain.  I live not too far from the mountain and drive past it daily.  I love to see how the view of it changes depending on the season, the weather and even the time of day.  No matter what sort of day I'm having, or what my mental state is, I always take a minute when I'm driving past to notice how beautiful it is.  It is one of my favorite spots to be in the cooler weather, but last week, it was stifling and hot.  I don't like the heat, but I knew it was one of my last chances to go before the summer really kicked into high gear...not to mention I'll be in New Hampshire for the next seven weeks.

I normally like to take my time and enjoy my surroundings, but on this day my goal was to get up and back at a good clip without stopping, without sitting.  I had a lot to do that day and was really squeezing it in (it was the last day that both boys were in school before summer break started) and honestly, I just had to prove to myself that I could still set a goal and reach it.  (I still a feel a bit like I'm floundering since leaving Kennesaw State and I need to make sure there is more to me than clean laundry and a tidy house.)

I was up and back in about 37 minutes.  (Which I thought was good, considering the heat and the fact that it had been a couple of months since I'd been up the mountain).  I even jogged a little bit, but quickly realized that I could very well pass out so promptly stopped.  (I hate running....I don't even know what came over me to make me run in the first place.)

I bid goodbye to the mountain (until at least September or October when it cools off a little bit) and am now counting the days until I can take morning walks on the beach!