Friday, October 23, 2009

Stories of Sleep

This morning, Ethan asked where his grandpa (who is visiting this weekend) was sleeping.  I told him he was asleep in our guest room.  Ethan said, "Oh.  The guest room.  That's where people who don't belong here, but are your friends, but live in another state sleep.  That's why we call it a guest room".

* * * * * *
Each night before bed, I have Ethan tell Eli something nice about being brothers.  Last night I overheard Ethan telling Eli as he gave him a goodnight hug, "Eli, you're my best brother that I have.  And I'm sorry you had a blow out today.  And that you got water up your nose in the bath.   Twice."

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pollyandaleczmom said...

Oh my Lord! I am dying laughing over this one!!