Friday, March 26, 2010


This semester I took an unintentional sabbatical from school.  Sparing you the gruesome, sordid details suffice it to say that I am an idiot there was a minor snafu with my registration.  In all honesty I probably could've begged and weasled my way into the class that I needed but truthfully, I decided to give up the fight and focus my energy on spending some time with the boys (and attempting to catch up on the sleep and housework that eluded me last semester).

As the first day of classes came and went without me, I admit to feeling a little blue and left behind.  So, I did what I always do when I'm feeling useless and not busy enough - I made a list of all of the things I planned to do with all of my new found free time.

Here are the top ten things I aimed to do:

1) Organize my laundry room shelves
2) Purge and organize all the closets in the house
3) Read at least half of the 23 new books that I have stacked on and around my night table that were mercilessly ignored last semester
4) Create a solid routine of menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
5) Purge the playroom
6) Make a list of all the small repairs to be done around the house and hire a handyman for the items that can't be done myself and will probably be ignored by Adam (which means almost all of them)
7) Watch all the movies nominated for an Academy award.
8) Finish knitting all the unfinished projects I have sitting on knitting needles
9) Organize all the digital photos I have of the boys and create a photo album of my favorites
10) Write at least half of the book I have in my head

Here are the top ten things I actually did:

1) Bought MORE books that I didn't read.  I DID manage, however, to purchase and read the entire Twilight Saga in about two weeks, fostering an unhealthy obsession a casual interest in all things Twilight.

2) Not only did I not see all of the movies nominated for Picture of the Year, I didn't even see one.  I did, however, watch the Twilight movie on my iPod and MacBook at least once a week, and also saw New Moon in the theater three times.

3) Celebrated Eli's 2nd birthday.

4) Played in the snow with Ethan (Poor Eli had to nap.  Being two is hard work.).  This particular activity was not on my original list, but was way more fun then purging the playroom.

5) Decided not to devise a solid routine of menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation.  Ate out.  A lot.

6) Considered running away with the circus.

7) Stayed in.

8) Rubbed elbows with a celebrity chef.

9) Played hard.

10) Reconnected and fell in love all over again (with three different guys!).

That's some sabbatical.  I could get used to this!

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Cooking for One said...

What a wonderful sabbatical! Don't think you could ask for anything more. And all those things you were going to do - don't worry, there still there, just waiting. And I say, let them wait, and wait, and wait. Except maybe the books....