Tuesday, January 1, 2008

All is quiet on New Year's Day

Not much of a rockin' new year's eve for us last night. I fell asleep around 11:36, but managed to wake up as soon as the countdown started. Had a nice night visiting with some good friends at my friend's Annual Fox Family New Year's Eve Extravaganza...which is a hilarious name for the party since we all bring our kids and do a mock countdown at 8:00 (though this year, we did it at 9:15...we're wild!!).

Came home, threw Ethan in bed (after a minor injury was sustained when he was walking through the bushes which Adam repeatedly told him not to do). While I was in charge of putting Ethan to bed, Adam ran out and got me a chocolate milkshake (which was one of my few pregnancy cravings) and then the rest of the night was spent on the couch.

This morning, I slept in...yay!!!!! (A rare occurrence in this house for me, but thanks to Adam, I didn't get out of bed until the lovely hour of 9:15 - a true luxury). He's gone back to bed, Ethan is playing happily in his playroom, the tv is off and I am using my French press to make coffee (and not because I'm particularly fancy but because I am too lazy to clean the coffee pot out from yesterday morning's coffee and I'd already heated up some water for tea, which I decided I didn't want after all).

My organizing of the kitchen drawer and cabinet went swimmingly yesterday. How many old screws, dead batteries and golf balls can one family throw haphazardly into a drawer? A lot apparently.

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AuntieDonna said...

Love the pic of the coffee. It looks so comfy.

What kind of injury did the little "Wonderworks" genius sustain?

Love Auntie Donna