Friday, September 11, 2009

Ethan talks politics

Earlier this week I sat down with Ethan and watched the President as he addressed our nation’s students. Apparently they didn’t watch it in Ethan’s classroom – not sure if that was because his school didn’t broadcast it or if the kindergarten class was deemed too little to “get it”. Either way, I thought it was important for him to see it. After all, when else does the President speak directly to kids? I thought the idea of his address was very appropriate and I would’ve welcomed the opportunity for Ethan to see it in school. I know others don’t share this view point with me and that’s fine, except that it actually isn’t fine…and I could go into why I think that is but I don’t want this to turn political but the point of this post is to highlight some of Ethan’s hilarious commentary as we watched it together, not for me to comment on politics.

First of all, if Ethan’s school decided that the kindergarten class shouldn’t see it because they are too young, good call. Ethan had a hard time sitting and staying focused. He was bribed on several occasions with many snacks and the promise of being able to play the Wii when it was finished.

We sat down at the dining room table with my computer and as we watched the young gentleman introduce President Obama, Ethan’s eyes lit up. “Is that Barack Obama!?” he asked excitedly.

Uh, no. That’s a black kid that’s about 16 years old and a foot and a half shorter than the President.

“Oh. Well does Barack Obama like kids? Does he have kids? He does!? What are their names?”

Oh me. I see where this is going. As we settled down to watch, I asked Ethan what he would think if the President came to his school. His answer: “I would certainly love that!”.

A minute or two into the speech, Ethan says, “Barack Obama is funny. And he’s very nice, too.”

I’m sure he’d be very happy to hear that.

When the President was stressing the importance of being responsible, Ethan perked up a little.

“Am I responsible, Mommy?”

Yes, Ethan.

“Right. Because I’ve never told lies.”

I think that would mean you’re honest. But responsible works here too, I suppose.
Lots of fidgeting ensued and then he settled down again after being bribed with some cheese and crackers and listened as President Obama advised our nation’s students to find something they are good at and enjoy.

“Am I good at something? Like Tae Kwon Do! (Gets up from the table and demonstrates his Tae Kwon Do acumen) Ow! I kicked the table leg. Ow. Ow! It really hurted. Ouch.”

I sensed my efforts of trying to get him to actually sit still and listen were becoming futile, but I could see that the address was close to wrapping up, so I forged on (and also make the mistake of telling Ethan it was almost over.) He was downright gleeful.

“It’s almost over!!! YES!!!!! It’s super close!!!!! AH!!!!”

Then the President used the word “stupid” as in something like, “If you make a bad grade, you aren’t stupid.” Well, we aren’t allowed to say that in our house, no matter what the context so this pleased Ethan very much. I hear a huge GASP! from Ethan and then, “That was a bad word!!!! Why did he say “stupid”!?!? GASP!”. Minus a half point for Obama.

The President continued by telling the kids that they have to keep practicing to be really good at something.

“Like I practice at my Batman Nintendo DS game! I never gave up my Batman game! I just keep trying and trying.” Somehow, I’m not entirely sure that’s exactly what President Obama had in mind. Yes, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that he most definitely wasn’t stressing the importance of playing video games to our nation’s future leaders.

Finally, I Ethan could take no more. He was getting up, dancing around the chair, looking around the room. And then he perked up again. “Did he just say ‘Facebook’!?”

Um, yes, he did. Ethan looked ecstatic. And then his face went from ecstatic to irritated.

“He said Facebook. He’s saying a lot of words. He’s not even breathing. Just keeps talking and talking.”

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