Monday, September 1, 2008

Sharing our house again

The Big Adventures of Mommy and Eli are coming to an end today. We are getting ready to welcome Daddy and Ethan home. I've prepared for their homecoming by collecting a couple of new Hotwheels cars to bring to Ethan at the airport and by attempting to fix the bad dye job I performed on my hair a few nights ago. Christy pointed out to me a big giant chunk of hair in the back that I missed with the dark red dye, so I bought some more color yesterday and attempted a fix this morning. My hair is still wet from the shower, so I'm not sure how successful I was.

I came across an old pair of jeans, one of my favorites that have been worn so much they aren't really suitable for any activity that is held outside of the home except maybe the park or a hiking or camping trip. But I love them and they are soft and comfortable (at least they used to be comfortable pre-baby #2, not sure how they will fare now, but I'm going to try them on later) so I thought I would wear them to the airport along with a pair of running sneakers. Adam once revealed to me that when we first started dating that he thought it was cute that I always wore jeans and running sneakers, and I mean always as in pretty much everyday, unless it was hot and then I wore cut-offs and sneakers. I guess its the yankee in me because the southern girls certainly don't run around town in jeans and sneakers. So, he hasn't seen me in a week and I thought he might get a kick out of me resurrecting my old uniform. He'd probably get a bigger kick out of it if the uniform that I was resurrecting was my cheerleading uniform, but I think people might stare at a thirty-year-old woman with half red hair, half brown hair and two children in tow running around the airport in a cheerleading skirt.

I had planned on offering up a day-by-day diary of all the exciting activities Eli and I were partaking in this week. I did day 1, but then I fell short. Not out of laziness really, but more out of the fact that we didn't do anything. Really. We stayed home almost every day, except for dinner a few nights with my mom, a run to the grocery store, dinner with a couple of girlfriends two nights...but other than that, the couch and the playroom was where we could be found. I took TONS of pictures of the little man, which I am sad and shamed to admit doesn't happen as often as it did with Ethan. I think I might've made up for it this week though. I think I might've taken almost two hundred. Maybe a hundred and fifty. But certainly many. I just lounged around the house drinking in his wonderful babyness. We have been blessed with the sweetest and most easy going baby in the world who is content just to be wherever he is (as long as someone is in the room for him to look at, he's happy). As I said, I just spent the last six days drinking him in. Looking at his little hands and feet. Kissing his fat cheeks. Smelling his sweet breath. Rubbing his silky, red hair. Feeling his little tooth that recently popped through. Blowing on his neck and watching him curl up and giggle. Heaven. May these memories stay with me forever.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week:

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AuntieDonna said...

I think the cheerleading outfit would have been quite appropriate!

Auntie Donna