Monday, April 6, 2009

a fruitful search

I have been on a search for "modern" Jewish rock songs. Two very dear friends of mine listen to Christian rock constantly and I always love to listen with them. The songs are uplifting, are meaningful, are lovely and pure. I've been to services at their church and their services are filled with beautiful voices singing praise to G-d but with very a contemporary twist. Though music is not a big part of our Jewish service (we sing, well, chant, but there is no "music" per se) and though I love the music of my dear friends, I do get a bit flustered where the songs get to the part where they ask for Jesus to save them and thank him for walking with them and looking over them. I have a hard time reconciling that but I'm open-minded enough that I can take what I need from the message....but it just isn't the same. My search for contemporary Jewish music (in English, though I love hearing Hebrew) had been very frustrating to the point where I gave up and just programmed the Fish into my radio. But that wasn't working for me either.

Until last night. When I stumbled upon the music of Rick Recht. Think David Crowder meets the sweet but tiny bit rebellious Jewish boy next door and there you have it. I am over the moon about this find. I've also stumbled upon a few others, but he is my favorite by far. By far.

Interestingly, but not unexpectedly, there are many Jewish opinions on the concept of "modern" or "contemporary" Jewish songs and I think that exploring them and sharing them will be an interesting exercise and one I plan to partake in, but for now, I'm going to listen to my new friend, Rick Recht and relax a bit knit. I'm wild and crazy you know.

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Doriana Chase said...

It's been too long between posts--and I love the new site design! is a cool site if you are searching for music artists or genres. If you type in something you like to listen to, you'll get a list of similar music.