Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I still have yet to teach Ethan to tie his shoes (remember this debacle?).  This is mortifying.  So, in effort to teach him this important, yet elusive, skill, I bought him a book that shows the step by step instructions on tying shoes and includes red and blue laces which, theoretically at least, should make the tying easier.

I left the book on the table and Ethan picked it up and began reading.  I could hear his sweet, little voice reading the words as he turned each page. Then I heard his voice take an irritated tone as he proclaimed, "Jesus, shoes are always untied!!!".

I was horrified.

I ran over to Ethan and demanded to know why he would think it was okay to say that.

He looked at me steadily and said, "I said that because that's what the book said," and proceeded to point to the sentence he'd just read.

I peered down at the page he was holding open for me and read "Jesse's shoes are always untied."

I haven't stopped laughing.

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cheryl said...

It took me ten minutes to read to the end - I was laughing so much I couldn't read. What a little sweetie! I just love that boy!