Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old memories become new memories

One of my greatest joys is taking my children to my favorite old haunts. Since I no longer live in my hometown, I don't get to do this very often, which is why my trip up here every summer is such an important event for me. I spend the other 11 months of the year thinking about the three or four weeks we will spend here. And though I miss Adam desperately while I am gone from him for so long, there is a part of being up here by myself with the boys that I find very special. Because I'm solo parenting, I might not have much down time during these precious few weeks each year, but it is worth the energy to be dashing here, there and everywhere to reconnect with my past and make layers of new memories that will now be connected to my future. These are the places I go to in my dreams. That I think about when I'm feeling blue, that make me wonder "what if I never left?". These are the places that I have attached significant love and emotion to, that I love fully and dearly. And seeing my boys tearing around them is abundantly rewarding. Seeing the connection of my past, present and future bridged together before my very that's what life is about.

* * * * *

On today's agenda: Newburyport (or Newton's Burm, according to Ethan). The playground has been redone since the days that I played on it, but as a mom I much prefer the new rubberized surface to the (messy) sand that used to be there. The rocks were the same as I remember, except the fountains weren't on, which was great because the kids could actually run around and play on them. Played outside, followed by lunch at The Grog, followed by more playing and then ended the day with a walk on the beach and dinner and a sleepover at the beach house. Stay tuned for more on my love affair with the beach house.

And the icing on today's cake. Does it get any better than this?

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