Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post where I boast about inappropriate things

Day 1 of our trip has been just lovely. Spent the day at the Boston Children's Museum, one of my very favorite places on Earth. As a kid, my dad took me there quite regularly, so it is very meaningful for me to be able to go every summer (as a mother this time) with my dad and my own children. Eli was only six months old last summer so spent all his time in either the stroller or in the sling, but today, he was tearing around like a madman (pictures will follow later since I left my camera in the room basement where Eli is sleeping). I realized today (as I do every summer when I come up here), that I terribly miss the overly polite nature of southerners. I can't tell you how many times I got knocked around, pushed, shoved, or similar by a disgruntled museum goer. Despite that and the fact that it rained on our parade (apparently New England is the new Seattle with all the rain they are having this season) this foursome had a fantastic time.

Can I tell you again how great my children were during our travels yesterday? Is it getting old yet? It is? Oh. Alright then, well I do have to admit, when they weren't doing this:

and this:

...they were playing with this item Eli found in the restroom on the plane:

And Ethan spent the better part of our lunchtime today terrorizing the pigeons that kept landing around us. And I forgot diapers so had to ask for some at the museum's information desk. (You gotta LOVE a place that stocks diapers for morons forgetful parents!) And I didn't put Eli down for a nap. And I had to pretend to cough when I really snorted when Ethan asked me this question tonight: "Mommy, why do girls go to the bathroom a different way than boys do?".

You know, business as usual. Even on vacation that darn mother of the year award alludes me!

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Jen said...

Welcome home to rainy New England Jen! Even if it is only for your vacation. The weather should be nice through the weekend so hopefully you and your family will be here long enough to enjoy it!