Monday, August 25, 2008

Foiled plans

I've been running around like crazy doing laundry, getting out suitcases, gathering up favorite toys and lovies, all in preparation for our trip to NY. I sort of hit a wall with the packing and preparation and was looking at a loooooong night ahead, but seems like it won't be neccessary anyway. Our beloved sitter called me home this morning because Eli wasn't acting like himself. Sure enough, he's running a fever. So, I'm sitting in the parking lot of the doctor's office since I suspect that the ear infection he had on our trip to Boston never quite cleared up. Crumbers!

Our plan now is to have Adam and Ethan go ahead with the trip as scheduled and Eli and I will stay home. Even if his ears are ok, I can't bring a sick baby on a plane and I certainly don't want to leave my mother-in-law with a sick kiddo. That would just not be kind. I already felt like I was asking a lot of her to watch both boys, but asking her to take a sick kid on top of everything is just too much. I'm sure she would be a wonderful caretaker and would even do it if we asked, I just can't ask something like that. A sick babe belongs in his mother's arms.

We'll see what Dr. Foote says. I am dreading going into his office...not because I'm worried about Eli but because this guy is serioisly going to think I am NUTS! He's a family practitioner so he sees all of us so between my ADD diagnosis, Ethan's ailments and Eli's regular check ups and random colds and such, I feel like I am ALWAYS here!

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How's Eli?

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